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The first mention of the village Kozlov is dated in year 1347. Since January 1989 Kozlov became the integral part of the town Česká Třebová which is only 5 kilometers in distant. Approaching the village Kozlov - first you will see the bus stop decorated with the graffiti. They welcome you and give you first information about our new hostel in the village Kozlov.


Vítejte v Kozlově   Směr ubytovna Kozlov

Hostel Kozlov aand surroundings In the village you can see the interesting sights - renovated cottage of the famous painter Max Švabinský and the Vejrych's estate, the birthplace of his wife. The both sights are worth of seeing and the reason of your visit. Hostel Kozlov aand surroundings When Max Švabinský had been living in Kozlov - he painted here many of his works. The most famous of his paintings are - Poor country, Harvest, and the large Family portrait and further of them. The next famous work is Reapor, painted on the gable of the Pecháček's house.

Hostel Kozlov aand surroundings We cannot forget to mention the vicinity of Kozlov. There is Kozlov's Hill - the height 603 m crowned with the modern, high, steel outlook-tower 55,5 m. If the visibility is good you can see Orlické hory, Jeseníky and also Krkonoše - the three mountain ranges in the Czech Repubic.

Hostel Kozlov aand surroundings Close to the outlook-tower there is Cottage of Max Švabinský, which offers nice outdoor and indoor sitting where you can have any specialities of the different cuisines.
The neighboring towns are also attractive - especially the town Litomyšl quoted in the UNESCO register of the world known sights.


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